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The Czech Republic is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. There is no other place where you could find so many UNESCO sites, than the Czech Republic. In total, you can find here 12 objects, two immaterial sights and one geo-park. In the Czech Republic there are also 37 spa towns, more than 2,000 preserved strongholds and castles, folk architecture open-air museums, four national parks and many other attractive tourist destinations.

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The best hotels in Prague


Capital Prague is known as one of the most beautiful metropolises of Europe and it is a major attraction for tourists from around the world. Tourists accommodated in Prague will be mainly interested in the Prague Castle, which was founded more than 3,000 years ago, gothic St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Town astronomical clock, Charles Bridge from the year 1397. Josefov or else the Jewish Town then hide hundreds of years of mysterious history of Jews in Prague. Modern Petřín outlook tower, which is a copy of Eiffel Tower in Paris, will offer you the possibility to have a look at Prague from the height of 378 meters above the sea level. Old downtown of Prague is on the UNESCO list of cultural and natural heritage sites.

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The best hotels in the Zlín region

Tourists accommodated in Zlin region will be enchanted by the countryside atmosphere with the unmistakable landscape of Bílé Karpaty Mountains, Vsetín and Hostýn highlands, Javorníky and Beskydy mountains. If you choose accommodation in Kroměříž, you can have a look around the spectacular castle halls and gardens, which are listed among the UNESCO heritage sites. Among the best known buildings in Wallachia are the picturesquehorské chalupy Maměnka a Libušín, located at Beskydy mountain pass called Pustevny, from where leads the popular route výletní cesta na Radhošť. Those who love history will certainly enjoy visiting Valašského muzea v přírodě v Rožnově pod Radhoštěm, the largest and the oldest open-air museums in Central Europe, or historical interiors of Malenovice castlehradu ve Zlíně-Malenovicích.

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The best hotels in the Pilsen region

Tourists accommodated in Pilsen region can look forward to visiting churches, strongholds and castles, several rivers including popular Berounka, technological sights, interactive expositions, outlook towers as well as military and handicraft museums. And of course Pilsner Urquell beer. General Patton Memorial Pilsen was actually the very first museum in the Czech Republic that commemorated the year 1945 and liberating the city of Plzeň and south-west of Bohemia by American army. In addition to Plzeň, other important centres of the region are towns Klatovy, Domažlice, Tachov and Rokycany. These offer perfect conditions mainly for hiking, cycling and for winter sports. Other very popular forms of relaxations are fishing, hunting, and tourism in the countryside, horseback riding and golf.

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The best hotels in the Carlsbad region

Carlsbad region is known mainly for its spas. In this region you will find not only the most popular spas Karlovy Vary, but also other spas as Mariánské Lázně, Františkovy Lázně, Lázně Kynžvart and Jáchymov. Together will healing springs, this region is also rich in mineral waters. The most popular of them all is probably Mattoni. Also very popular, thanks to spas in the region, are the so-called spa wafers (lázeňské oplatky). These are very popular not only among the locals, but also among the spa guests from all around the world. Karlovy Vary is known also for its herbal liquor Becherovka and for handicraft of glass blowers from company Moser. The town of Chodov is famous for its pink china, which is exported to the whole world. As far as culture is concerned, one of the biggest attractions is the International Film Festival Karlovy Vary, which offers films made by both Czech and international film makers.

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The best hotels in the in Central Bohemian region

cenral bohemian
Interesting targets for tourists accommodated here include historical sites that commemorate course of history in this region since the era of Celtic settlements. You can enjoy the beauty of untouched nature in five protected landscape areas, as well as in vast Brdy forest or along the banks of rivers Berounka, Sázava, Vltava, Elbe and Jizera. You can also enjoy great view of the countryside at the outlook towers and viewpoints in Central Bohemia. Among the very popular places for accommodation is the dam Slapská přehrada and surroundings of the river Sázava. Kutná Hora is the silver treasury of the Bohemia kingdom. Beautiful and spectacular mansions, churches and palaces to this day remind of the wealth of the local burgess and thanks to them the city was included among the UNESCO heritage sites in the year 1995.

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The best hotels in the Hradec Králové region

Tourists looking for accommodation in this region usually visit Krkonoše and Orlické Mountains. Both mountain ridges are divided by Broumov ledge. The highest peak of the region is Sněžka (1,602 metres above the sea level) in Krkonoše Mountains, which is also the highest peak of the whole Czech Republic. Inseparable part of this region is Český ráj. Exceptional countryside was even included among UNESCO geoparks. In its eastern part, this picturesque region borders with Krkonoše foothills (Podkrkonoší) and in the north it is lined with Jizerské Mountains and Krkonoše Mountains. In this romantic region located along the middle reaches of the river Jizera, where diversity of natural beauty meets numerous historical sites, strongholds, castles and folk architecture.

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The best hotels in the South Bohemian region

south bohemian
Everyone who chooses for accommodation hotels in South Bohemian region will be pleasantly surprised by numerous cultural and historical sites. When speaking of this region, we must not forget to mention the beer known around the whole world – Budvar. We can also find here many rare sights. The UNESCO list includes Český Krumlov and Holašovice. Among the other popular tourist destinations are also castle Hluboká and cities Rožmberk and Jindřichův Hradec. Also very beautiful is the countryside south-east from Jindřichův Hradec – thanks to undisturbed nature, numerous blocks of granite laying around, high hills and large ponds, this place is often called Czech Canada. South-western border of the region is created by Šumava mountain range, where you can also find many places with undisturbed nature.

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The best hotels in the Olomouc region

Olomouc region is a region that can please thanks to its diversity tourists with the highest expectations. It is also a suitable place for people who love mountains, cycling as well as historical and cultural sites. The most important part of the region from ethnic point of view is Haná (tourist region Central Moravia), from the viewpoint of active recreation it is Jeseníky mountain range (tourist region Jeseníky). Natural centre of the region is the city of Olomouc with important sight – the Holy Trinity Column, which is also on the UNESCO list. Lovers of history can then take advantage of the possibility to visit strongholds, castles, ruins and museums. Sportsmen can chose from number of cycling paths and ski slopes. You can also find accommodation in some of the many popular spa centres and hotels.

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The best hotels in the Moravian Silesian region

Nature and overall diversity are among the best things about Moravian Silesian region. The most beautiful and the most valuable as far as nature is concerned are mountain ranges Hrubý Jeseník and Moravskoslezské Beskydy with the highest peaks Praděd and Lysá hora. Between the two is really colorful region, where among the most beautiful areas is called Poodří with floodplain forests, marches and ponds. Tourists accommodated in this region will be enchanted by variety of natural beauty with numerous historical sites, strongholds and castles. Among the most frequently visited sites is the outlook tower Štramberská trůba, museum Tatra Kopřivnice, but also popular is accommodation in spas Klimkovice, Darkov, Karlova Studánka. Golf lovers will enjoy this region too.

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The best hotels in the Vysočina region

Picturesque landscape of Vysočina region offers the tourists accommodated here the opportunity to relax away from the cities and modern technologies. The idyll of typical Czech countryside is a great destination for trips to the nature and for learning about the local folk culture. Vysočina region is a perfect place for those, who want to spend their vacations in the countryside. When travelling around the peaceful Czech villages, it certainly pays off to visit Telč, one of the most beautiful cities of the Czech Republic. This city also appears on the UNESCO list of global heritage sites. Two other sites also on the list are church of St. John of Nepomuk at Zelená hora near Žďár nad Sázavou and Jewish town with a synagogue and a cemetery in Třebíč.

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The best hotels in the Liberec region

Thanks to this part of the region called Český ráj being so unique, it has become UNESCO geo-park. Find your accommodation in the haven of nature lovers, people who enjoy hiking, cycling and rock climbing in a region located not far from Prague. Numerous strongholds and castles, glassworks and glasswork museum, rocks and mountains – Jizerské mountains, Lužické mountains as well as Ještěd mountain ridge. Where there are mountains, you also have ski resorts and cross-country skiing routes, including famous Jizerská magistrála. Those who prefer summer, swimming and summer sports in general can visit the lake Máchovo jezero of gold courses in the area. There are 11 objects with the status of a national heritage site. There are numerous accommodation facilities in this region. Among the most popular are Bedřichov, Horní Mísečky, Janov nad Nisou, Sedmihorky.

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The best hotels in the Usti region

Remarkable nature of the northern and western part of Bohemia is known mainly for the national park České Švýcarsko. You can find accommodation in the oldest Czech spa town Teplice. This region also has got a lot to offer to those, who like active holidays. Among the local sites are not only old strongholds and castles, but also sites that commemorate modern history. Tourists accommodated here admire gorges of river Kamenice, rock-maze lookouts and rock formations near Jetřichovice, Tiské stěny or Pravčická brána – a natural rock bridge that is to this day the biggest tourist attraction as well as symbol of the national park. Also very popular is the racetrack in Most. Visitors can test this racetrack in their own or in a hired car. The same city also offers modern race course, which is often used also by in-line skaters.

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The best hotels in the Pardubice region

Tourists accommodated in Pardubice region can enjoy folk traditions, learn about traditional crafts and appreciate attractive historical sites from middle ages to renaissance, baroque, secession and modern day architecture. Major attraction for both Czech and foreign tourists are the horses. Pardubice has hosted Velká pardubická steeplechase for more than 100 years. It is the oldest European horse race and the second most challenging horse race in the world. The race track is almost 7 kilometers long. You can admire horses also in the major horse-breeding farm in Kladruby and in other places. Eastern Bohemia is really a centre for everyone, who loves horses.

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The best hotels in the South Moravian region

The centre of southern Moravia is the city of Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic. We can find here an important UNESCO site – Tugendhat villa, as well as newly opened Brno underground or Špilberk castle. Not a long way from Brno you can find the racetrack Automotodrom Brno, which host the Czech Grand Prix. There is also the tourist region called Moravský kras, located in the northern part of the region. This area is known for its caves and the best known of them all is called Punkevní jeskyně. You can rent a boat here in the middle of this karst kingdom. We also must not forget the Macocha abyss. History lovers will enjoy visiting Lysice castle, Pernštejn castle or Lednice castle, which is one of the UNESCO sites. Visitors can also spend a day of fun in Western park Boskovice.

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